• Simon Yong Choi

New Korean Fusion Splicer AFS 40 Arc Fusion Splicer (ATOMOWAVE)

  1. Description Choosing Atomowave means selecting extremely efficient fiber optic fusion splicer.AFS-40 is High performance Active Clad Alignment fusion splicer which designed for various FTTx field. Fully featured, easy splicing, dedicated splicer with unique home device-inspired design, suitable for indoor installation and outdoor deployment.

  2. Features + Stable low splicing loss spread (0.02dB +_ 0.02 G652)+ High speed splicing and shrinking heater (8 Sec / 16 Sec)+ Full touch screen GUI+ Switchable SOC (Splice On Connector)platform (Holder, Heater)+ Durable battery power (over 220 time splicing and​    ​shrinking)+ Full cover LED working illumination+ Auto compensation function for various environment

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