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OTS-4 Optical Talk Set

OTS-4 Optical Talk Set


Grandway provides handheld durable optical talk set. The dynamic range of OTS-4 Optical Talk Set is 50dB at 1550nm. The high dynamic range ensures the quality of voice and long transmission distance.
Why should we use the optical talk set? In some remote area, the mobile phone may be out of service and two operators, who are laying down an optical cable for optical network, have to have a conversation. in the situation, the talk set is essential. With the talk set, the two operators can have a conversation via an intact optical fiber. It is easy and reliable.


  • Two pairs of OTS-4 supports tri-party communication via clip-on coupler device
  • Hands-free (HF) speaker provides users with convenient operation
  • Maximum dynamic range 50dB@1550nm for long distance communication

  • Main Features:
  • Energy-saving design, long-time operation
  • Can be used as a steady laser source
  • Articulate voice, low background noise
  • Judgmatical calling function
  • 32 steps volume control
  • Low-power alarm
  • Specification:
    WavelengthA: 1310nm, B: 1550nm (unit A works at 1310nm, unit B at 1550nm)
    Telecommunication System full duplex communication
    Fiber TypeSM & MM (the dynamic range will shrink 20dB for MM fiber)
    Spectral Width<15nm
    Adaptor TypeFC/PC
    Dynamic Range50dB
    Output Power-3dBm
    Power Supplyrechargeable build-in Ni-MH Batteries & AC/DC adaptor 
    Operating Hours40 hours (standard)
    Tri-party Communication Yes
    Hands-free SpeakerYes
    Operating Temperature-10~+50℃
    Storage Temperature-20~+70℃
    Operating Humidity<90% (non-condensing)
    Net Weight550g (including battery)
    Standard Accessories:
    main units (unit A and unit B), 2*headphones, 12*AA rechargeable batteries, 2*carrying bags, 2*AC/DC charger, 2*user manuals, test report
    Optional Accessories:
    Clip-on coupler, tri-party communication line
    SC/PC adaptor, ST/PC adaptor
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