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High Precision Cleaver SCT-A05

High Precision Cleaver SCT-A05


SCT-A05 is high precision optical fiber cleaver which can support various fiber type (Flat, 250um, 900um, 3mm). Simplified two step cleaving technology gives rapid and accurate cleave angle. Also guaranteed durable blade support 48,000 cleaving.  

SCT-A05 fiber cleaver is best model to satisfy maintenance and cost efficiency.

+ Auto slide back blade support Simple and accurate operation
+ ​Stable and accurate cleave angle distribution (>0.5)+ ​Guaranteed 48,000 cleaving long lifespan Blade
+ ​Simple drop down Trash can+ ​Suitable size and weight for stable working condition
+ ​Multi holder (Flat, 250um, 900um, 3mm) support various cleaving process

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