Fiber Optic Cleaver Fiber Fox Mini 50G/GB

Fiber Optic Cleaver Fiber Fox Mini 50G/GB

Precision Cleaver with Automatic Fiber Scrap Collector

  • The Cleaver w/ auto fiber Chip collector
  • Perfect 90 degree cleaving angle
  • Universal Fiber Holder

    Type: Single Fiber
    Applicable Fiber: 250um, 900um, Φ2mm, Φ3mm, Drop Cable
    Clad Diameter: 80~125um
    Length: 6~16mm(single fiber)
    Cleaving Angle: ≤ 0.5˚
    Lifespan of Blade: 48,000 times
    Operation Step: 2 steps / Auto Pushback Slider Block
    Holder: Universal Holder
    Collector: Auto Collector (50GB)
    Weight: 0.52lbs.

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